Here, it's all about preparing you, the next generation of American airmen.

You'll learn what it takes to be ready for BMT, the start of your military career. Learn from those who went before you to make the most of your experience you're about to go through.

Taking the BMT workout prep course will give you the confidence to know where to start and have a workout structure to follow. Making your basic training experience a lot less hard.

Don't go unprepared and regret you didn't start working out beforehand, when you're on the ground struggling to do push-ups.

Hi, I’m Corey Porter

An Air Force Veteran who's trying to help the next generation of American airmen aka you, be prepared for what's ahead. I'm here to help you feel confident, prepared, and ready for BMT through helpful information and a workout routine.

Don't go to basic training unprepared.

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